Counseling and Prevention Services

Through our Counseling and Prevention Services, AAMA is one of the largest providers of alcohol and substance use prevention and treatment in Texas. Our programs help youth and adults break the cycle of addiction and change the trajectory of their lives. Programs include in-school prevention education for elementary students, inpatient treatment for teens and outpatient treatment for teens and adults. AAMA also provides outreach health education, testing, treatment, and referrals for adults who are at high risk of communicable infections.


The most comprehensive array of services is based in Houston, with selected services available in San Antonio and Laredo.


Houston Services

  • The Dinosaur Project (DiNo) – Elementary prevention
  • Project Tejas – Individual adult and family counseling
  • Casa Phoenix – Residential treatment center for teen boys
  • Minorities Action Program – Outreach services for people at risk for communicable infections 


San Antonio

  • Selena Center for Youth Potential – Residential treatment center for teen girls
  • Selena Youth Outpatient – Counseling services for teens
  • Project Tejas – Individual adult and family counseling



  • Concilio Hispano Libre – Pharmacological treatment for adults


For information about AAMA's Counseling and Prevention services, please call (713) 926-9491.