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Adelante - Office Technician Program

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  • Welcome to our Adult Education Program, AAMA Adelante!

    To start your enrollment process please read the minimum requirements:

    -Need to be at a High Intermediate or Advanced Level ESL
    -Must bring a valid ID (we don't accept expired IDs)
    -ID can be Texas Driver License, Texas ID, Passport from US or your country, or Mexican Consular ID.
    -Social Security Card (if available)

    Pre-Registration Process:

    -You are required to fill out the application below.
    -You will be contacted via phone call or email to schedule an appointment to complete our orientation.
    -During the orientation, we are going to explain the next steps to complete the enrollment process.

    *You are required to have access to some kind of device with internet (laptop, tablet, desktop, or cellphone) to be able to complete our orientation and the initial assessment on Zoom and attend online classes.

    *Any process that requires you to come to our location will be by appointment. If you miss your appointment, you will be rescheduled once we finish our first round.

    Reasonable Accommodation Request

    AAMA will make reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals, with known physical or mental impairment as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act of 2008 or due to the participant’s sincerely held religious belief unless doing so would result in undue hardship. Reasonable accommodations will be provided at no charge. An individual is not required to accept an offered accommodation.

    Participants who require an accommodation to access instructional services or want to fill out a complaint form are encouraged to contact AAMA Adelante Program Director Jessica Silva at (713) 929-2331 or