AAMA’s success has not come easy. For over 47 years, we continue to be an iconic institution on the East End and in Houston, San Antonio and Laredo. It has taken tremendous vision from our founders and unwavering dedication from our former Board Members, current Board Members, and all of us here at AAMA.

AAMA is opening minds, and opening doors to education, workforce, and health services – because every child holds promise, because every parent and adult client deserves a second chance, and because our community needs it. It is this optimism that ignites the fires of learning in young minds, allows our adult learners and clients to become educated, healthy, and become productive members of a positive workforce community. This resilience, independence, self-confidence and, most of all, imagination will no doubt change the landscape for a better AAMA, a better Houston.

As we venture into the future, we do so with great enthusiasm, great honor, and great hope – knowing that future success is never guaranteed. We have to work for it!

While our model centers on Strong Families and Strong Communities, it’s the investment in our model – our business, our MISSION – that will ensure our success for the long journey. AAMA will be the LEADER in innovation, in collaboration, and in excellence in all that we do. Our community and business partnerships are the key to truly impacting the communities we serve.

Staying true to our MISSION is what keeps us grounded, it’s who we are. Empowering Learners and Inspiring Leaders – is what we do – the AAMA Way!


Joe Jimenez, MBA, RRT, RPFT, RCP
President and Chief Executive Officer