AAMA Family,

What a joy it is to work with an organization such as AAMA.

The year 2020 was one that we will never forget. I’m grateful for our employees and the hard work and dedication they showed during this challenging year. I am so proud of what we have accomplished at AAMA this past year – and as tough as 2020 was, we should all be grateful for what we have. Our AAMA mission, vision, and traditions, center on family, providing excellent services, and serving Houston’s most vulnerable.

This year we celebrate 50 years at AAMA. We celebrate our humble beginnings, our founders’ vision for a better future for our young people and their families. We celebrate the many volunteers who have served at AAMA over the last 50 years. We celebrate our wonderful staff that works tirelessly to make it happen, every single day!

This is a critical time for AAMA. Through it all, our performance in 2020 was strong, especially considering the reduction in operating income attributable to the pandemic. Even so, we ended in a strong financial position for 2019-2020 – with an exceptionally strong liquidity position. The investments made by AAMA in our staff and operations will pay dividends for many years to come, allowing us to continue our mission and vision into the future.

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, there is much to be thankful for – and many people to thank. I must thank our AAMAzing staff – who are true warriors! We recognize that nothing happens without the support of our AAMAzing Board of Directors. Our Board has performed fearlessly and flawlessly during these difficult times – all aligned with our love for AAMA. They have our deepest appreciation for their continued support.

We will get through this. And, when we do, you can count on AAMA being there for all those we honorably serve.

Here’s to the next 50 years!

Joe Jimenez, MBA, RRT, RPFT, RCP
President and Chief Executive Officer