What attracted you to AAMA’s mission?


As a whole I was attracted to the inspirational part of AAMA. I wanted to be a part of something in my community that held the same spirit and beliefs and positive reinforcements as I did and AAMA represented that for me.


What are your volunteer activities and what do they involve?


I am a part of the AAMA as a photography mentor. Also a volunteer with the Elevare’ International “Fishes and Loaves” monthly weekend program in feeding the homeless. I participate in occasional community Cancer fundraiser events (submit art work).


Why do you volunteer?


Volunteering was instilled in me at a very young age by my mother; it seemed to be a part of normal life and giving back into my community. It showed me to love, have compassion and empathy, an opportunity to show appreciation. I want to share my story my experience and help others in any way I am able to.


Do you have a story about AAMA that has really moved you?


My personal experience since I started mentoring photography with Renee Rodriguez and the eagerness in the students in learning has moved me. It has touched my heart and it has encouraged me to continue to return every Saturday just to be there for them.


Does anyone in your life play a role in supporting your involvement? 


My support comes from my children, it has encouraged me to push through and of course, my mentor in photography is Renee Rodriguez whom without her obvious support I would not have reached my goals and explored my passion in photography and together we have embarked on an amazing volunteer program together.