Dr. William Weber, professor at the College of Education - University of Houston, is an authority in educational and health programs, generously accepted to conduct an evaluation on the programs operated by AAMA. His review was based on the available information of the programs'' performance and the state benchmark information. Three types of evidence were considered to be indicators of success:  Program Longevity, Number of Clients Served and Achievement of Stated or Implicit Goals. 

We are very proud of Professor Weber''s overall assessment. He notes, "When these three types of evidence were examined in evaluating AAMA''s educational and health and human services programs, the conclusion is clear:  Given the very challenging populations Agama''s programs are designed to serve, those programs are remarkably effective."

"AAMA operates two charter high school programs-the George I. Sanchez Charter High School in Houston and the George I. Sanchez Charter High School in San Antonio.  Since its founding in 1970, AAMA''s vision has focused on providing education and assistance to the most disadvantaged and most at-risk youth in Texas and on transforming them into the community''s future leaders.  Through its charter high schools, AAMA does indeed serve those students who are most at-risk.  Although both schools accept any student who requests admission, over eighty percent of the students served by these schools are at-risk according to the risk factors identified by the Texas Education Agency and over fifty percent of the students are at-risk for two or more of those factors.  Most of these students have a history of having been unsuccessful at other schools.  Nearly eighty percent have been held back at least one grade, have failed the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills, or have failed two or more core subjects.  In spite of this, AAMA is passionately dedicated to the proposition that by giving students a more personal learning environment with smaller classes, dedicated teachers, extensive counseling, and an wide array of support services its schools can create and maintain a climate in which the most at-risk students can become productive learners-and productive citizens.  The clear intent is to change would-be dropouts into high school graduates who are prepared for college or a family-wage job.  Because data regarding the George I. Sanchez Charter High School in San Antonio were quite limited, this evaluation focused on the George I. Sanchez Charter High School in Houston only."

For a copy of the report, please contact Patricia Bulla at (713) 967-6700 x156.