Teen - Parent: Diana Camargo - Teenage parent with 3 children who dropped out and was once homeless and a runaway. Her oldest baby is graduating from the Pre-Kinder Class 2005. Our Director of daycare, Dawn Melody picks up Diana and her three children every morning to bring them to school.

Immigrant Student: Rodrigo Lara - Came to Houston 2 ½ yrs ago from Monterrey Nuevo Leon and is a 17 year-old ESL Student. Rodrigo is a TOP 10 student (#2).

Mayra Isidro: Came from Mexico and is a 3 year graduate. Mayra took part in the GIS Early College Program and was awarded a scholarship to the University of Texas - Austin. Mayra is a TOP 10 graduate (#3).

Disabled Student: Bruno de la Rosa was a dropout and is now a graduate at age 21. Bruno came to Houston from Mexico and is a Special Education student.

College Bound: Jose Torres was once suspended 3 times and sent to CEP from Austin High School. Jose has earned a scholarship to Texas Southern University (TSU).

Troubled Youth: Mathew Duggan once threatened a teacher and was expelled from Humble High School. Mathew was also homeless and on probation. Eventually he became a resident of AAMA House and is now graduating high school.