Comcast and AAMA took another step in their ongoing partnership to support AAMA's adult education program, Adelante.  Comcast presented AAMA with a $10,000 Comcast Foundation grant aimed at giving adults the opportunity to gain basic workplace, computer literacy, and software skills with the goal of helping to develop a stronger workforce that can compete in today's job marketplace. 

"We are proud to sponsor AAMA Adelante," explained Ray Purser, Comcast Vice President of Government and Public Relations.  "Houston's dynamic and diverse community is becoming more and more dependent upon knowledge-based jobs as opposed to the manufacturing and oilfield services jobs that drove the city's early growth.  By supporting these inspiring students who've come back to school as adults, we're ensuring that our community will continue to thrive."

Houston City Council Member At-Large Melissa Noriega was on hand to thank Adelante students for their commitment to earning an education, telling students "I'm here because you are important to me, and because you are important to Houston." 

Noriega also shared the story of her in-laws' return to school once their own children had graduated from college.  "From GED to Harvard in one generation," she said.  "You can do it, too, and so can your kids." 

Comcast initially partnered with AAMA in 2007, donating $10,000 from the Foundation to help complete a technology lab used by the Adelante program.

Comcast strengthens AAMA and the Houston community through various activities and outreach efforts, including grants, in-kind donations, public service announcements, and volunteer projects.