AAMA's George I. Sanchez High School will celebrate its 32nd graduation on Saturday, May 27th (1:00 pm) with 114 graduates expected to "walk the stage". 

Many of these students probably never expected to reach this goal as some struggled to avoid dropping out, some had children in their teen years, and others experienced severe academic problems. 

Zayda G. graduates after six years in high school, years that have been filled with challenges that would overwhelm most people. Zayda came to GIS since it has a program that caters to the needs of pregnant youth and student-parents.

Zayda G. graduates from GIS Charter High School in May 2006

She gave birth to her first child during that first year at GIS. Her family lived far from the school campus, so for the next several years, Zayda managed traveling across town with her child to GIS and slowly accumulated credits. Sometimes she would try enrolling in a school closer to where her family lived, but she always ended up returning to GIS since GIS was able to cater to her needs better than other schools. Zayda had a second child and was able to move to the apartments next to the school campus, which improved her attendance and the number of credits she was earning each semester. Even though she faced challenges with being a student-parent and had transportation problems which delayed her steady progress toward graduation, Zayda graduates this year and is known as a congenial, optimistic, dedicated, and diligent student, a true role-model for any student who faces unique challenges to his or her completion of high school. We would also like to add that her two children are doing very well in their elementary school.