George I. Sanchez School teacher Matthew Rosas has a second career-author.  He is being recognized for this special talent at this year's Latino Book and Family Fun Festival, where he will be one of 50 writers selected to present their books. 

During high school, Matt went on a mission trip, stationed in a coastal village in Oaxaca, Mexico.  Before the trip, he assumed he would meet people living in despair and poverty.  As the experience unfolded, however, he discovered a deeper and more enduring sense of joy and hope that overshadowed any despair. 

The connection he developed to the people and the land itself inspired him to write The Legend of Mariquita and Other Short Stories, a collection published this year. 

While The Legend of Mariquita is his first book, his writing has also been featured in literary magazines including The Bilingual Review.   He will soon publish a second book, Praying Not to Fall, set in the city he called home for five years, New Orleans. 

We applaud Matt for the success he has found in the classroom and as an author, and wonder whether we might someday get a chance to read a book based on his experience at George I. Sanchez?