What is your volunteer role?

I’m currently a Community Outreach volunteer. I represent AAMA at community events and interact and inform the community about their programs. It’s a really great experience that introduces me to a lot of different cultures.

What has your volunteer work meant to you?

Volunteering at AAMA has taught me how to embrace different cultures. God truly shows us his love for everyone when he brings people from diverse backgrounds and cultures together. This is something that I witness at each AAMA event that I attend. It truly means the world to me.


What is your day job?

I’m currently working as a substitute teacher for Pasadena ISD part time, a full time grad student, and photographer as well.


How did you hear about AAMA?

I heard about AAMA through Andrea Webb, who works at Chase, and they are one of her clients. We attend the same church group and I told her about my interest in volunteering with a non-profit. She told me that AAMA would be a great place. She was right. I’ve been volunteering for almost 2 years now!