What is your day job?


I am a Program Coordinator at Genesys Works, which is an organization that trains underserved and economically disadvantaged high school students for real-world corporate internships and also inspires them to attend college, graduate college, and have successful careers. GW is a partner with AAMA's Sanchez High School.


How did you hear about AAMA?


I was at the Starbucks, Gulfgate location and saw the sign providing the website and description about AAMA. It piqued my interest and I soon applied to be a volunteer. One of the best decisions I've ever made!



What is your volunteer role?


On a weekly basis I volunteer as an aide in the Adelante adult education program in the ESL & GED evening classes. I also assist in leading projects for events like Starbucks Volunteer Day & Piñata Bash.


What has your volunteer work meant to you?


Texas and more specifically Houston is very special to my family and I. Volunteering for AAMA has given me a larger sense of pride and gratitude for this city and each of its unique & special communities. I volunteer because I am able to invest in our community with both an immediate impact and a long-term impact. I have seen through my own experience that AAMA is dedicated to providing opportunities for young Latinos & their families to empower themselves and create a positive, successful future in whatever they may do. It is a passion of mine to assure Latinos, especially in my hometown, are given equal educational & career opportunities.