AAMA announces George I. Sanchez Charter School’s will receive the Ascend Math 2018 Gold Medal.

The Gold Medal Award was established in 2010 to honor the schools or districts that best demonstrate a dedication to ensuring that all students become successful at math. The strategies employed by this year’s Gold Medal honorees made use of Ascend Math, an intensive online math program, to accelerate math learning and improve standardized test scores.

“Congratulations to George I Sanchez Charter School students for the perseverance and hard work that led to their exceptional results,” said Kevin Briley, CEO of Ascend Education. “We are extremely proud of the important job the educators at George I Sanchez Charter School are doing to help their students succeed in math, gain confidence and positively advance in life.”

George I. Sanchez Charter School uses Ascend Math to reteach and reinforce math concepts that students have previously struggled with in prior classes. This allows core math instructors to focus on their grade level content while at the same time ensuring that each individual student’s weaknesses are addressed. This approach has already shown positve results.

In the submission for George I. Sanchez Charter School Roger Ramirez wrote "In the Student Progress Summary - it can be seen that 90% of one teacher’s students have grown 2 or more levels in this school year."

George I. Sanchez Charter School will be featured on the Ascend Math website throughout the next year.  The school will receive a plaque commemorating their success.


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