What attracted you to AAMA’s mission?


I believe both inspiration and encouragement are traits most individuals especially youth need daily. AAMA allows both to flourish. I’m at a place in my life where I wish to inspire and encourage via creativity. AAMA provides that forum to do so.


What are your volunteer activities and what do they involve?


Currently participating in AAMA’s Volunteer (Mentoring Photography) teaching male youth basics of photography. Additionally, the Elevare’ International “Fishes & Loaves” program feeding the homeless.


Why do you volunteer?


My grandparents and parents have served as community volunteers all my life. I genuinely enjoy helping others especially when given an opportunity to pass the blessings also once received forward.


Do you have a story about AAMA that has really moved you?


My volunteer orientation session sparked the initial inspiration of witnessing and hearing how the school digs within the community almost on a grassroots effort to provide almost every resource of assistance to educate and empower people in general. I knew instantly that my photography partner Amy Duenez and I could join in truly making a difference.


Does anyone in your life play a role in supporting your involvement? 


My parents are continuing examples of community involvement to me. My current inspiration lies with Amy Duenez, Fine Art Photographer for encouraging my artistic dreams on a daily basis. I’m newly motivated with fresh perspective with her encouragement. God provides the rest.