At AAMA, we understand that education is paramount to success so we provide a pathway students may follow all the way to college, a dream many never thought possible.

Our Sanchez Charter School, which was one of the first charter schools in Texas, serves students in pre-kindergarten and sixth through 12th grades. Students complete a variety of classes including dual-credit college courses and workforce readiness courses through Houston Community College. They also have the opportunity to gain professional work experience in the areas of information technology, accounting and engineering through internships, and to participate in other learning experiences beyond the classroom. 

We are proud to have earned NAEYC accreditation, the mark of quality for early childhood education programs, for our Early Learning Center. Accreditation indicates that our program meets the 10 NAEYC Early Childhood Program Standards.

Equally important to the class work at Sanchez are the wraparound services we offer, including on-campus childcare for enrolled teen parents, health services, and rehabilitation and recovery programs for students and their families.