"If you reach a little higher, you can feel the stars. If you climb a little further, you can reach the highest point of the mountain. Getting through the trip is a great challenge, but it is also a challenge to leave it behind."

- Elsa Cobio, George I. Sanchez Charter School

Elsa in Glacier Nathional Park during her summer trip as an adult leader in 2016

Meet Elsa

Elsa participated in The Woods Project summer program her junior and senior years of high school. The trips had such an impact on Elsa that 2 years later, she was the 2016 summer intern for The Woods Project and ended up attending a third summer program - this time as an adult leader. Elsa will graduate from The University of Texas at Austin this spring with a major in Special Education.

Learn more in about The Woods Project:

The Woods Project changes the world one life at a time. Through wilderness experiences and outdoor education, disadvantaged high school students learn to overcome challenges in the face of adversity, to work together to achieve a common goal, and to see the benefits of stepping outside of their comfort zones.

Want to join the movement contact our Team Captian Rachel Lockwood at rlockwood@aama.org.  The 2018 Walk for the Woods Project is February 24, 2018!