Please support our AAMAzing students as they raise funds to embark on a summer learning experience.

The donation page to support our students for this trip is going to remain open until June 1st.  Please support our students.

Click here to go the the Walk for the Woods Donation Page

Sanchez Charter School will be sending four students and one leader to Donner National Park in California and four students and one leader to Glacier National Park in Montana.

The goal of the trip is to foster a spirit of independence, adventure, and zest for life and exploration in the students. We want our students to see that the world is much bigger than Houston, Texas but that we have to work together in order to be able to see it. Meetings are intended to help develop these character traits in our students in shorter activities and to teach them the basic camping and backpacking skills that they will need during the summer trip.

The trip will be from July 15-29 for both locations.