About The AAMA Mission

AAMA’s mission is to inspire and empower at-risk Latinos to pursue their potential and achieve success. For more than four decades, AAMA has been one of the most effective organizations in the country to help Latinos become productive contributors. With the vision, leadership and support of our founders, our volunteers, and our financial contributors, AAMA has created a long history of amazing achievements. And we are building on that legacy...Read More About AAMA

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Adult Education Services

Adelante (to move forward) is AAMA's adult literacy program, which helps adult learners overcome language and other barriers to success... Read More About Adult Education

Counseling Services

AAMA is one of the largest providers of substance use prevention and treatment in Texas. Our programs help youth and adults break the cycle of addiction and change the direction of their lives... Read More About Counseling

Sanchez Charter School

George I. Sanchez Charter School opened its doors in 1996 and serves the predominately Hispanic East End community. Sanchez... Read More About Sanchez Charter School

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