Sanchez Eagles Chess Team Earns 1st Place

Vanessa Hernandez AAMA News, School South News


The Sanchez Eagles Knights Chess Team earned 1st place at the Dark Knights Chess Contest on March 25, 2017 at Briarmeadow Charter School.  The following students participated Peter Meza (captain), Carlos Jimenez, Angel Vasquez, and Carlos Medina.

Individual Results:

  • Peter M. (captain) – 1st place trophy – won 4/5
  • Carlos J. – 4th place trophy –  won 3/5 
  • Angel V. – won  2.5/5
  • Carlos M. – contributed wins to the overall team trophy.  Carlos is Sanchez’s only Middle School chess player at this time. 

Please congratulate these AAMAzING students regarding their well earned victory.  These students practice after school and make an effort to improve their skills on a consistent basis.