The following steps must be completed in order to enrollment at AAMA Adelante.

Step 1: Pre-Registration Process

You are required to submit the below pre-registration application. 


Step 2: Orientation

After submitting the pre-registration application, you will receive a call or email to schedule your orientation.

You are required to attend 3 hours orientation in 1 to 2 sessions:

1. General Information about the program

2. Practice in the platforms that we use for remote learning

If no one contacts you within 3 weeks of you submitting your application, contact Marlin Rojas at

Step 3: Assessment

After completing your orientation, we will contact you to to set an appointment for your test.

You will need to submit a valid ID in order to take your test.

Step 4: Documentation

Once you complete your Assessment process, you are required to fill out the following documents:

1. Enrollment Form

2. ITEC Form

3. Discrimination Form

4. Adelante Guidelines

5. Media Release