AAMA offers the following alcohol and substance use prevention and treatment options in Houston, TX:


DiNo Youth Prevention Program

The DiNo Youth Prevention Program introduces students to positive actions and responsible behaviors through a school-based program in the Houston Independent School District and Sanchez Charter Schools. Our certified prevention specialist educate youth about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and gang involvement. DiNo uses a seven-week curriculum that is culturally sensitive, age-appropriate and approved by Texas Department State Health Services (DSHS)

– For more information about the DíNo Program, call Adriana Dibello, (713) 926-9491.

Project Tejas

Project Tejas assists the community issues related to substance use. Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and Supportive Outpatient (SOP) is offered in English and Spanish. Also offered are alcohol, tobacco, and drug assessments, drug screenings as well as individual counseling services and specialty groups.

– For more information, call Evony Marbut, Lead Outpatient Counselor (713) 926-9491

Minorities Action Program

Minorities Action Program HIV outreach team provides outreach services to people who are at high risk of communicable infections. Services include HIV/Hepatitis/TB testing and risk reduction counseling, information dissemination, prevention education, referrals and resources for substance abuse, treatment, housing, medical benefits and public health screening. Counselors also serve as liaisons for individuals who are unable to access services due to language barriers.

Minorities Action Program HIV Early Intervention offers case management to individuals who suffer from past or current substance use and are HIV/AIDS positive.

Minorities Action Program Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS offers supportive services to people living with HIV who are at risk of becoming homeless. Supportive Services include referrals to other HOPWA providers to that clients may receive rental and utility payment assistance.

– For more information about AAMA’s Minorities Action Program, please call Adriana Dibello, (713) 926-9491.

Other services provided by AAMA’s Prevention Specialists include information dissemination, healthy alternative activities, sports activities, and prevention and parenting skills training.

– For information about AAMA’s Counseling and Prevention services, please call (713) 926-9491.