After a year of change, AAMA Adelante awarded diplomas to 43 GED graduates, setting a record under the new testing guidelines. These graduates overcame the increased challenges associated with the new test and accepted it as an opportunity to prepare for future endeavors.


“Yes, the test is hard but it is not impossible,” Reyna said, AAMA Adelante valedictorian. 

Reyna, who dropped out during her senior year of high school, came to AAMA Adelante at 21 years-old to earn a GED. As our guest speaker, Reyna described how her son and family were her greatest motivation to pass the exam. With a GED in hand, she is one-step closer to fulfilling her dream of becoming a nurse.

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Pictured: Luis Navarette, GED Instructor; Iker, valedictorian; Reyna, valedictorian; and Wendell Webster, GED Instructor.