Meet Our Team


D'Jomme Adia
Work and Learn Center

D’Jomme Adia is the Work and Learn Center Director. She manages and leads the Work and Learn Center’s operation and program. She earned her master’s degree from the University of Houston’s Graduate College of Social Work. D’Jomme has over twenty years of experience working in local non-profits in youth development, grant compliance and program management. In her spare time, she enjoys roller skating, listening to live music, cooking, reading and spending time with her family...and her plant babies.


Shavonne Boyd
Career Readiness Specialist

Shavonne R. Boyd is the Career Readiness Specialist. In her role at the Work and Learn Center she supports students in career readiness, educational exploration and digital literacy skills.  Shavonne brings to this role over a decade of experience in psychology, education and workforce development. In the fall of 2020, she obtained a master’s degree in Mental Health and Wellness. In her spare time, she enjoys exercise, reading and other self-development activities.


Carla Lyles
Graphic Design Specialist




Jacqueline Ibarra
Support Specialist      

Carla Lyles is the Graphic Design Specialist at the Work and Learn Center. She brings with her over a decade of design knowledge and experience. She passionately advocates for youth and is dedicated to helping them find pathways to success through design and mentorship. Carla’s creative expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, and nurturing love shine through her roles as a professional and a dedicated mother to her son, Kaleb. When she isn’t working, she enjoys reading, dancing and sharing her knowledge with others. Carla's spirit is a light to the Work and Learn Center.


Jacqueline Ibarra is the Work and Learn Center Support Specialist. She graduated from George I. Sanchez High School at the top 10 of her class. She completed the Work and Learn Center program during cohort 12. She applied and was accepted into the Social Enterprise, soon after she became a Lead Youth Ambassador for the program. Today she works as the Support Specialist assisting with design, outreach, and data management and contributing her skills towards the growth of the program. In her spare time, she likes sightseeing around the Houston area, volunteering at church, listening to music, tailoring her own clothes and hanging out with her loved ones.

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